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From: D.O.
Subject: Eating Tyrone's Asshole - A Vignette (Gay, Interracial) Eating Tyrone's Asshole - A Vignette
By D.O. "Ohhhh, fuck yeah, cunt!" Tyrone grunted through clenched teeth as
my tongue curled up into his rectum, eating his asshole, dining on it like
it was my last meal. As I was continuing my oral ministrations on his musky
manhole, I was reaching around to stroke his stiff, black manhood. He
pushed his glutes back into me, his subservient pussyfag. He reached around
to pull apart his buns, allowing me further access to the pungent aroma of
his depths. I slobbered all over the tight rosette like a queer possessed.
"Yeah, gurl! Get all the fuckin' way up in there! Slurp it faggot! Eat it!"
I did as he commanded instantly, without thought of pausing or disobeying.
I pushed my licker up further than I had ever been inside of Tyrone. GOD! I loved the taste of my Master! So musky, so manly, so primal.
I kept stroking his massive erection while I made out with his nether lips."This is the closest you're gonna get to fuckin' me, bitch. Or fuckin'
anybody. I heara 'bout choo fuckin' or tonguin' ANYBODY arabic young girlsnude
ELSE, ever, you're
done as my sissy. Got it?""Mphh Yeth, Mathter." My muffled reply was dripping, literally, both with
my saliva and wild young fucking with my lust for the task at hand.I kept on with my stroking, help along by a liberal dose of petroleum
jelly; my thin hand slipping along his blood-engorged shaft, back and
forth, causing Tyrone's knees to go a little weak. I stroked harder, all
the while jamming dark russian young my tongue in and out of his butthole. I was determined to
make my Master proud, by bringing him to a brain-numbing orgasm. If I could
I would stay here forever, liplocked with my Master's sphincter muscle,
massaging and pleasuring him. lovely young modles Suddenly, I felt him tighten around my
thrusting oral spike. Tyrone was close to cumming, I could tell. After this
much time as Master's sissybitch, I had learned to read the signs of
imminent climax. I started stroking him just the way he liked illegal youngsex 12 best, alternating slow,
firm ones with quicker pulls that were light and feathery. "AAUGGH! FUCK
And with those words and one final hard stab of my tongue into his asslips,
Tyrone came. He came like a madman, like he had never cum before in his
life. Grunting out his orgasm as I stroked him off from behind, young nudist thumb I could
feel the powerful jets of sperm firing out raping young teens of his veiny black pole. He was
leaning full on into his leather couch, his legs weakened immensely. He was
growling like a warrior in blood combat, his victory yell deafening. I
pulled my face away from his asshole, several strands of thick saliva
reaching from his pucker to my lips and chin. My face was an absolute mess,
spit, assjuice and pubic hair mixing with my now spoiled makeup. But I
didn't care; Master's pleasure was all that mattered to me, all I existed
for. Tyrone turned around with his usual smug, confident, superior look
and reached out his hand to give me something. It was a brandy snifter, now
at least half full of Tyrone's cum. I hadn't realized he hadn't just cum
all over the floor or the couch; I had expected to just be forced to lick
it up. I knew what was next. "Drink it up, sissy. We both know how much you
love my ass; now show me how much you love my spooge." It was not a
request. I slowly raised the snifter to my lips, enjoying making a little
show of the whole affair. I swirled it around and then tipped it into my
waiting, thirsty mouth and drank of my Master's essence. It was delicious,
like the nectar of the Gods. I savored this gift from my big, muscular
Black Master and I looked directly into his eyes as I lolled his jizz
around in my mouth, smiling up at him. After about 30 seconds of coating
every corner of my mouth with his sperm, I slowly swallowed the big load,
loving the feeling of the viscous liquid gliding down my parched throat.Best, D.O.

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